When joints become ceased up or feel like they have locked, manipulation is a quick and effective way of releasing the joint and restoring normal movement. This specialist skill involves positioning the symptomatic joint in a specific position and then gapping it with a small but quick stretch. Sometimes a ‘pop’ is felt. Sometimes immediate pain relief is felt as well as muscle relaxion following the manipulation. This type of treatment is usually followed up with some slower stretches and some self help stretches to prevent the joint ceasing up again.


Massage is a name that encompasses a whole variety of soft tissue treatment techniques. These include very gentle yet effective Muscle Energy Treatments, Sports Massage, Soft Tissue, Fascial Release and deep tissue manipulation techniques. Whether due to injury or following surgery scar tissue can prevent normal movement occurring. Specific stretching and manipulation of soft tissue may be needed to start the recovery before more general self help stretches can take over. I will discuss the variety of techniques I use and I can recommend which ones will benefit you. Often the soft tissue treatment is combined with other modalities such as Ultrasound or exercise.


I am trained in the use of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture. The Chinese consider our body to be a dynamic system with a finely balanced flow of energy resulting in harmony within the system. Disrupting this system with an injury, poor diet, or incorrect posture can restrict the flow of energy and acupuncture is one way of correcting the flow and restoring balance. Thousands of years of acupuncture practice in China and Japan has resulted in a wealth of knowledge on how to treat certain conditions. Current research is attempting to unravel the secrets as to how acupuncture works using Western language and healthcare ideas. Amazing findings involving changes in the body and brain are coming to light. However, restoring normal body function, soft tissue length and joint movement is what physiotherapy is all about.

Strength and Conditioning

At every level of healthcare physiotherapists are involved in identifying which areas of the body are under-performing and those that are over-performing. This principle applies to an elderly person who has just had a hip replacement or to all of our Olympic athletes. We are experts at diagnosing the cause of your problem and then designing a rehabilitation program to put you back on track. We can design programs for your home, gym, pool or sports club. You are then empowered to treat yourself.